Pay Only For What You Need.

Pay Only For What You Use.

LimaCharlie provides Security Infrastructure as a Service. We provide the components of the information security stack that you need delivered in a manner akin to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our technology is built around the endpoint and provides world-class capability at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Get all of the components that you need seamlessly integrated with one another. All from a single vendor with simple pricing and no contracts.

Endpoint Detection and Response (required)

  • $0.50 per endpoint per month

  • Cross platform agent 

  • Detection and Response 

  • Custom D&R Rules

  • Custom Outputs

  • Live View

  • Platform logs (audit, error, detection)

  • Multi-tenant web application + advanced role based access control.

Telemetry Storage (optional)

  • $0.50 per endpoint per month (1 year rolling storage)

  • Stores complete telemetry 

  • Historical data viewer 

  • Advanced searching capability

  • Data Visualization

Log Storage (optional)

  • One-time cost at ingestion of $1.20 per GB (1 year of retention)

  • Logs sent seamlessly from the endpoint agent

  • Logs manually uploaded via API or Python SDK

  • IOCs indexed enabling search and D&R rules

Historical Threat Hunting (optional: requires log or telemetry storage)

  • $0.01 / 25,000 Replay rule evaluations

  • Run D&R rules against historical endpoint telemetry and log files.

  • Build Continuous Delivery (CD) / Continuous Integration (CI) into detection systems

Private cloud options available at negotiated prices. Please contact us for more information.