elastic endpoint detection & response

Drop-in EDR capability at any scale. Cross-platform: MacOS, Linux & Windows. 


LimaCharlie is an elastic, real-time, cross-platform endpoint detection and response solution.

LimaCharlie provides limitless scalability with no infrastructure for you to maintain. Reduce complexity and gain all the capabilities of cutting edge detection and response.

A reliable solution that provides endpoint telemetry, detection and response capability along with optional long-term storage. Our self-serve onboarding process allows you to get data flowing in minutes, and LimaCharlie provides a full-featured free tier to help you get started.

Integrates into existing products and services. White-label friendly.


Provision a new organization and get data flowing in minutes.

LimaCharlie uses state of the art lightweight agents. Expose advanced persistent threats and ward off attacks in real-time in order to mitigate their impacts. Agents have zero impact on endpoint performance: deploy in seconds; no reboot; no impact even when analyzing, searching and investigating incidents.

  • Agent versions can be updated remotely

  • Interact with the endpoint in real-time

  • Send commands to isolate the host

  • Adjustable telemetry verbosity

  • Customizable management and detection granularity using tags

  • Cross platform on Windows, Linux and MacOS with a single pane of glass

  • 100% machine to machine integration through REST, JS and Python.

 Endpoint Detection and Response Sensor for Windows
 Endpoint Detection and Response Sensor for Linux
 Endpoint Detection and Response Sensor for OSX and MacOS

Simple pricing, support and trials are available. See the full documentation including features and recipes here.


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