Serverless Endpoint Detection & Response

LimaCharlie provides Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capability - including a full incident response pipeline and hunting platform - using a scalable model similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS). 


EDR capability at any scale with optional telemetry storage & search. The agent is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux across x86, ARM & MIPS.

LimaCharlie provides limitless scalability with no infrastructure for you to maintain. Reduce complexity and gain all the capabilities of cutting edge detection and response.

Integrates into existing products and services. White-label friendly. FedRAMP compliant.

Full featured free tier with no credit card required.


Provision a new organization and get data flowing in minutes.

The LimaCharlie agent has zero impact on endpoint performance: deploy in seconds; no reboot; no impact even when analyzing, searching and investigating incidents.

  • Agent versions can be updated remotely

  • Interact with the endpoint in real-time

  • Send commands to isolate the host

  • Adjustable telemetry verbosity

  • Customizable management and detection granularity using tags

  • 100% machine to machine integration through REST, JS and Python.

Feature Matrix

Education. Training. Support.

LimaCharlie offers customer support in a number of ways.

  • Comprehensive documentation outlining all aspects of the platform

  • Swagger documentation for the full featured REST API

  • Round-the-clock support through the LimaCharlie community Slack channel

  • A free online course that covers the underlying theory and data structures, as well as a video walk through of the web application

  • And for those seeking more in-depth knowledge, or help setting up their pipelines, LimaCharlie offers on-site training


LimaCharlie Is Trusted By 

"Honestly your response capability at this stage is the best I have seen in a product period."