Getting Critical Answers


LimaCharlie is a platform designed for building security solutions. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) capability is the cornerstone of the platform, which also provides access to a plethora of raw telemetry. The EDR capability is powerful but the bigger prize are the “critical answers” we can gain my making use of the telemetry.

These critical answers are the specific pieces of information that will allow you make important security decisions, and you need the ability to get to these answers in the most straight forward way possible.

LimaCharlie Insight provides you with one year of built-in retention and search capability. The retention allows you to get answers like “what EXACTLY happened on this host 7 months ago at 3AM” in a few seconds.

The indicator (domain name, hash, file name, IP address etc) search allows you to get a succinct set of answers

Is this indicator common?

Imagine that you are investigating a possible intrusion when you spot a suspicious looking executable that you don’t recall ever seeing before. Is it a case of bad memory or is this part of the malware dropped by the attacker?

You can start to paint a picture by examining how prevalent the given indicator is. Using the web interface (or API) you can ask this question and get an answer immediately.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 06.08.15.png

This tells you how many hosts have seen this file today, this week or this month. An indicator seen for the first time today and not in the past month is highly suspicious.

We make getting these 3 numbers easy. The data can be pulled either through a search or while visualizing activity from a host.

Where has this indicator been seen?

Now imagine that you have been made aware of a specific indicator related to malicious activity. This can come up in many ways: A report is published on the web detailing a new threat actor, a law enforcement tip-off, MISP or as a result of an internal security investigation.

Given this information you would need to scope the possible threat right away: “where has this been seen”?

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 06.18.36.png

Through the user interface you can see the list of all hosts that have ever made a request to this specific domain name over the last year, the first and last time they did and get shortcut links to the fully detailed exploration view of the specific activity. This is powerful.

More Critical Answers?

Do you have other ideas of critical answers you would like to see? Let us know, LimaCharlie is quickly becoming a core part of the security tool set and it is thanks to your feedback!