Knowledge Is Power

The team at LimaCharlie has always been passionate about education. We believe that the more information security professionals know about their tools and the way they work the stronger their security posture will be. To that end, LimaCharlie has created several different avenues to help educate those interested in our Security Infrastructure as a Service or endpoint security in general.

To help you get started we have put together a Core Concepts document and a Getting Started guide.


A Tool For Learning

If you are studying for certification programs like CISSP using LimaCharlie can help you with several parts of the curriculum, such as:

  • Communication and Network Security (Domain 4)

  • Security Assessment and Testing (Domain 6)

  • Security Operations (Domain 7)

The nature of LimaCharlie and it’s capabilities make it an excellent platform for learning, or teaching, about the following:

  • Endpoint security

  • OS internals

  • Incident Response & Forensic Analysis


 Training Resources


LimaCharlie offers a fully functional free tier with no credit card required. There is no better way to learn than by doing. Get endpoint data flowing in minutes and start poking around under the hood. A publicly available Core Concepts and Getting Started guide will get you up and running in minutes. Extensive documentation and a Swagger page will make integrating through the REST API a breeze.


Free Online Course

Along with extensive documentation, LimaCharlie offers an evolving online course that walks users through the fundamental theory behind our endpoint capability and the operation of the web application. By the end of this course students will have an understanding of how endpoint detection and response works within the LimaCharlie framework, as well as being able to write their own detection and response rules.


Join The Community! 

The best defence that information security professionals have against bad actors is collaboration. The sharing of information around new threats and implementing best practices is the preeminent way to ensure a strong security fabric across cyber space. The LimaCharlie team hosts a Slack channel where users can ask questions, provide feedback and learn from other members.