LimaCharlie leverages VirusTotal in several ways to increase the effectiveness of our endpoint security platform.

Check File Hashes in Real-Time

Using the LimaCharlie web application you can interact with any endpoint in real-time. Through this view you can inspect processes and the files involved. If you see any files that look suspicious you can - at the click of a button - send a hash for that file to VirusTotal’s public API and see if it is known malware.


Cached Lookups

LimaCharlie is integrated with VirusTotal such that you can use our API - connected to your VirusTotal account - to analyze suspicious file hashes and get additional feedback from VirusTotal AntiVirus engines.

VirusTotal results are cached for a limited period of time locally which reduces the usage of your API key and saves you money.

VT Integration

To learn more about everything that is possible with this powerful platform please read the documentation.