LimaCharlie makes it easy to start using the platform and create complex customizations.

The platform is extremely powerful. In order to help users leverage the wide array of features and become experts we offer several types of training.

All inquiries related to training can be directed to:

Onboarding Training

Duration: 1 day

This level of training is for organizations that are just beginning to use LimaCharlie. It provides assistance evaluating existing architectures, data flows and how best to formulate the integration. This training is highly customized to the specific needs of the organization.

Common topics include:

  • SIEM Integration

  • Agent Deployment Strategies

  • Detection & Response rules development and maintenance

  • Use cases and demonstrations to customers

  • LC data interpretation and interaction

LC Operator Certification

Duration: 1 day

The LC Operator Certification (LCOC) utilizes a curriculum designed for operators that will be dealing with LimaCharlie day-in and day-out. This certification is officially recognized by LimaCharlie.

Upon completion, the LC Operator will be able lead detection, investigation and response by leveraging the different events available in LimaCharlie, tasking the agents to gather more information and mitigating intrusions.

Curriculum covers:

  • LC data interpretation

  • LC agent interaction

  • Detection & Response rules creation, testing and tweaking

  • Threat feed integration

LC Certified Trainer Program

Duration: 2 days

The Certified Trainer Program (LCCT) covers in-depth topics relating to all aspects of deployment and operation of LimaCharlie. This certification is officially recognized by LimaCharlie. Trainers are listed and promoted throughout the LimaCharlie eco-system .

Curriculum covers:

  • Agent deployment and connectivity troubleshooting

  • Advanced agent capabilities and customization

  • Creation of advanced data flows and integrations

  • Advanced API usage

  • Advanced Detection & Response rules development

  • Best practices for MSSPs at the organization level

Custom Requests

Along with our existing programs, the team at LimaCharlie also offers training customized for any specific topic, which can be provided in most languages. If you are interested please contact us and we will refer you to an LC Certified Trainer that can meet your demand.