Managed Security Providers


Reduce Operating Costs

LimaCharlie is information security infrastructure on demand built for MSSPs and other information security providers.

Our technology can be used as a drop-in endpoint capability into existing technologies or as a full incident response pipeline and hunting platform complete with long-term log and telemetry storage. On-demand cloud infrastructure, and a flat pricing model, allows you to spin up and down resources as needed to keep your costs low.


Built For Information Security Providers

A multi-tenant architecture combined with advanced role-based access control and the ability to white-label the web application makes it a powerful offering for information security providers. 

Customers and analysts can be grouped together with specific permissions and access across multiple organizations. Multiple namespaces for custom detection and response rules allow MSSPs to leverage their expertise and offer it their clients while securing their intellectual property.

Organizations under the control of an MSSP are all billed individually which keeps the accounting simple.

The LimaCharlie agent is cross-platform and runs on all major operating systems across x86, ARM and MIPS architectures. The agent  has near feature parity across all platforms with the exception of operating system specific functions.


No other endpoint security provider is as MSSP-friendly as we are. Drop us a line if you'd like to discuss how other MSSPs like you leverage the LimaCharlie platform for their service.


A Full Stack That Just Works


LimaCharlie offers one year of log and telemetry storage which enables a host of incident response and forensic tools; however, you can also choose to use the agent as pure middleware and forward all of the telemetry into your existing pipeline. When operating as middleware all data stays in-flight and is never written to disk.

Data Visualization

The LimaCharlie global infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and currently has computing resources available in the USA, Canada, Europe, India and the United Kingdom. Choosing a geographical location ensures data will always be processed in this location and never moved outside. New data centres can be spun up anywhere GCP is available upon customer request.


Data Security

Data access is managed through Google Cloud IAM which is used to isolate various components and customer data. Processing is done in Google Kubernetes Engine which provides an additional layer of container isolation.

Each LimaCharlie data center uses independent cryptographic keys at all layers. Key management uses industry best practices such as key encryption at rest.

LimaCharlie data is secured starting at the endpoint all the way to your infrastructure.


Get data flowing in minutes using our free tier with no credit card required or book a demo and get a deep dive of what Security Infrastructure as a Service looks like.