The primary mission of LimaCharlie is to create the best endpoint detection and response platform in the world. We refuse to take the same approach as so many others do and cram everything we can into the offering. This kind of feature madness is something we affectionately refer to as the kitchen sink approach. Our vision has always been along the lines of the samurai sword - thousands of iterations folded on top of each other to create the sharpest and strongest edge possible.

In order to stay focused on our mission and to enable our customers to build the security pipelines they want we have designed every aspect of LimaCharlie to be integration friendly. Below you will find some of our favourite ready=made integrations.

Virus Total

Use LimaCharlie with Virus Total. Bring your own key and have hashes from your endpoints checked on VT automatically. Make it part of your Detection & Response rules to automate response in real-time. Pool your queries and save money.


Use LimaCharlie with Humio to store telemetry data. Humio is a solution built specifically for aggregating, exploring, reporting and analyzing data in real-time. It gathers log data from a range of sources and can be deployed in both cloud and on-premise environments.

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