Why would I choose LimaCharlie over other endpoint security providers?

LimaCharlie represents a paradigm shift in the way endpoint security is delivered. LimaCharlie's AWS-like approach to providing information security infrastructure makes the technology their core business, and because of the way it is delivered LimaCharlie is able to beat anybody's cost per endpoint by an order of magnitude while offering equivalent - often superior - performance, all with no contract required.

How can I test LimaCharlie?

LimaCharlie provides a full-featured free tier that includes two sensors along with telemetry storage and search capability. To get started you simply need to sign up on the website, download and install a sensor. It should take you less than ten minutes to sign up and get data flowing from your first endpoint.

How much data do the LimaCharlie agents produce per day?

The amount of data that is produced by the agent is dependent on how much, and what kind of activity is taking place on the endpoint. That being said, the average data produced per endpoint across thousands of deployments is approximately 1MB per day.

What kind of resources does the agent consume?

The total footprint of the agent on disk combined with what is in memory is approximately 2MB. The agent typically runs under 1% CPU with small spikes around certain events and usually uses less than 50MB of RAM.

Can LimaCharlie be used for IoT?

Absolutely. LimaCharlie's small footprint combined with fine-grained control over what telemetry is sent over the network make it ideal for IoT environments. The agent is available across x86, ARM and MIPS architectures (with an experimental build running on Android).

Will LimaCharlie's agent get picked up by anti-virus software?

No. LimaCharlie operates in the user space and is a well-behaved citizen of the operating system (they do not hook into the kernel and abide by all APIs).

Does LimaCharlie support white labelling?

Yes. LimaCharlie makes white labelling easy. They offer the ability to skin and localize the web application which combined with their fine-grained role-based access control makes for a versatile (and re-sellable) product.

And because LimaCharlie is multi-tenant all client organizations can be managed through one admin account. Billing is also done per organization which makes accounting and re-billing simple. 

Is LimaCharlie secure?

Yes. The LimaCharlie platform is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, leveraging multiple capabilities from credentials management to compute isolation in order to limit the attack surface.

Data access is managed through Google Cloud IAM which is used to isolate various components and customer data. Processing is done in Google Kubernetes Engine which provides an additional layer of container isolation.

LimaCharlie lives in multiple, independent Google data centers around the globe. This means that choosing a geographical location ensures data will always be processed in this location and never moved outside.

Each LimaCharlie data center uses independent cryptographic keys at all layers. Key management uses industry best practices such as key encryption at rest.

LimaCharlie data is secured starting at the endpoint all the way to your infrastructure.