What is in a namespace?


LimaCharlie has introduced the concept of namespaces to our Detection and Response (DR) rules. What this means is that MSSPs can create proprietary rules which can be applied to customer organizations without letting those customers see the source for the given DR rules. This allows managed security providers to protect their intellectual property and leverage their expertise while taking advantage of the web application’s advanced role-based access control.

By default all DR rules are created in the general namespace which means you don’t have to worry about namespace related unless you want to make use of the feature. However, if you plan on having multiple groups of people accessing DR rules and want to maintain some segmentation, then namespaces are for you. 

To learn more about how to implement D&R rules inside of a managed namespace you can read the documentation.

The introduction of namespaces is another step towards creating the best Security Infrastructure as a Service in existence. You can get started using the LimaCharlie free tier - no credit card required - by signing up on the website: limacharlie.io


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