Software Infrastructure as a Service


One of the advantages that a start-up company has when entering the market is the ability to adapt quickly to perceived market gaps. LimaCharlie’s original hypothesis saw our business built around offering the best endpoint detection and response solution in existence. We envisioned making it available as middleware with a no-strings-attached pricing model that would set it apart from other offerings.

As we started to roll things out - and in the process having a lot of conversations with our customers - we realized that some of the pain people were experiencing was in putting together a complete information security stack, and then keeping it functioning at scale. Managed security providers we spoke with were frustrated with all the busy work involved in keeping the wheels on a series of open source and proprietary products strung together with the digital equivalent of duct tape. It is not that the need for a strong drop-in endpoint detection and response capability does not exist - it most certainly does - but there are many industry-specific problems managing the infrastructure required for a good security posture. As of yet, nobody has tried to address these problems as a whole using a contemporary delivery model.

It was hearing the same problems being described by our customers repeatedly that got us thinking: we have always admired the way Amazon developed their web services. Companies went from racking servers and running cables to spinning up complex cloud-based infrastructure with just a few clicks as a result of their innovation. This transformation of the way computing resources are delivered touches almost every area of the digital economy with their approach being emulated by Google, Microsoft and many others. LimaCharlie is pushing to be at the edge of this type of transformation in information security. Starting with our strong endpoint detection and response offering, we have built out a series of technologies that can be strung together adhoc - at the click of a few buttons - to provide a completely integrated information security stack. LimaCharlie is calling our approach to providing a solution Security Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS).

Global Coverage

The LimaCharlie global infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and currently has computing resources available in the USA, Canada, Europe, India and the United Kingdom. Choosing a geographical location ensures data will always be processed in this location and never moved outside. New data centres can be spun up anywhere GCP is available upon customer request.

What this means is that you can spin up infrastructure to support security operations anywhere in the world as needed. Paradigms, such as infrastructure-as-code, used by LimaCharlie’s SIaaS allow you to roll out well articulated configurations in minutes and the best part is that everything just works.

Software Infrastructure asa\ a Service

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