Basic Training Course


The team at LimaCharlie has always been passionate about education. We believe that the more people know about their tools and the way that they work the more successful they will be with their security posture. To this end, we have created a basic training course that will help new users get up to speed with the underlying technology and how to use the web application.

LimaCharlie’s Basic Training program is built using an instance of the Google Course Builder. This course represents the first iteration of what we hope will become a comprehensive training platform enabling new users and junior analysts get up to speed with our endpoint security solution.

This particular course is not graded and should be fairly easy to complete. Our approach to education using this platform is a work in progress and with it we hope to engage in the same feedback cycles with users that has helped drive our product development. More advanced topics - and possibly certificates - will be added as this process unfolds.

If you are interested in learning more about the LimaCharlie platform and how to make effective use of the web application please sign up for the course.


Christopher Luft

My name is Christopher Luft and I am an artist turned computer scientist turned something else.