Managing Multiple Organizations


LimaCharlie is multi-tenant because it is designed for managed security service providers (MSSP). This means that you can have as many organizations as you want under one account. Each organization is billed independently and can have any number of users with varying levels of ability assigned using the role-based access control system. White-labeling is available for MSSP's who are leveraging the private cloud option or operating at a certain volume.

In order to make onboarding new organizations as simple as possible LimaCharlie provides a method for setting up an organization using a config file. This 'Infrastructure as Code' approach mitigates human error and allows you to build a robust infrastructure (it will save you time and headaches). Information on how to manage configurations can be found in this blog article.

Most recently we have started to add multi-org functionality to our CLI. Now from the command line you can search for specific indicators of compromise across all of the organizations under your control. You can read more about this new multi-org CLI command here.

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Christopher Luft

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