Development Update


The team at LimaCharlie has been busy building out our web application leveraging the capabilities of the publicly available API. There have been so many improvements in such a short period of time we felt that it deserved a blog post.

The two main areas we have been working on are:

  1. Live View: a console for interacting with agents in real-time

  2. Insight: an interface which allows users to search and interact with up to a year's worth of stored endpoint telemetry.

Live View

The live view of the LimaCharlie web application allows privileged users to interact with the endpoints in real-time. We achieve true real-time connectivity through the use of a semi-persistent TLS connection.

Through the live view console you gain the following capability.

1. Get general information about the endpoint such as hostname, platform, relevant IP addresses, last connection time and review tags that have been applied to the endpoint. Along with gathering this information you can also add and remove tags easily directly from the view.


2. Adjust the telemetry that is sent to the output stream. Choose from amongst 70 different data points which can be monitored on any given endpoint.


3. An interactive console from which users can send up to 32 different commands to the console. From this console you can gather data, kill processes, isolate the host from the network and much more. Details on the commands that can be issued can be found here.

Endpoint Command

4. Monitor a real-time stream of events being produced by the endpoint. All telemetry being sent to the output stream can be monitored in the browser as it happens.


5. List all of the processes as they are currently on the given endpoint. From here a privileged user can view process modules, inspect memory strings or maps and kill any process at the click of a button. From this view you are also able to run a hash against VirusTotal’s publicly available API to check for known malware.

Endpoint File System

6. Navigate the file system on the endpoint. From here you can go through directories, hash and download files with one click.

File System Browser

Historical Insight

A couple of weeks ago we announced the introduction of long term telemetry storage with search capability. LimaCharlie still operates as elastic middleware but we are now able to offer one year of storage and search capability at the low cost of $0.50 per agent per month. This move allows MSSP's and SOC's who do not already have their own EDR infrastructure to gain a completely functional information security centre upon signing up (did we mention it is self-serve and there are no contracts?).

Once enabled, LimaCharlie Insight will automatically send all telemetry data to secure storage on the Google Cloud Platform.

The Insight user interface allows you to select a date and time from which to start your investigation. From this starting point new data is loaded into the browser via an infinite scroll mechanism. A histogram displays the time period for which data is available in cold storage alongside what has been loaded in the browser.

Historical Data View

The interface itself provides a simple text filter to limit results based on strings in data fields. This view also provides a cascading text filter and simple query language so that you can create complex filters based on event type.

That wraps up our development update. We are going to continue to the build the tools that we want as information security professionals and deliver them in a way that is fair and transparent. If you want to stay up to date with our progress you can follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Christopher Luft

My name is Christopher Luft and I am an artist turned computer scientist turned something else.