Introducing Historical Insight: Storage and Investigative Tools


We continue on our journey making endpoint capability more accessible. Along with the powerful elastic detection and response engine, LimaCharlie now offers low-cost, long-term data storage and tools for investigation.

Storage and historical insight can be enabled at the click of a button. The cost for a year of storage is a simple $0.50 per sensor per month.

Many of our clients will still continue to use the LimaCharlie endpoint and detection capability programmatically with their own storage solutions, but for many of the MSSPs we have spoken with, an easy storage and investigation tool makes a lot of sense.

Insight: EDR Telemetry Storage and Search

The web interface for the historical insight tool allows the user to pick a time that they wish to investigate and loads all events around it. Events are presented as line items in the lower portion of the UI and can be navigated via an infinite-scroll mechanism. Clicking on a line item will load a graph representing the event process that spawned it and any children it produced. Right-clicking on the root of this graph will present an option to navigate up the graph and load the parent should any exist.

We are very proud of the technological progress we have made and feel extremely grateful for the tight feedback cycles we have established with our customers. It is from what we have learned through these relationships that we set this next course in the evolution of LimaCharlie.


Christopher Luft

My name is Christopher Luft and I am an artist turned computer scientist turned something else.